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19 April 2017
The SAS representatives took part in the seminar on strengthening the management of internal audit activity.
On the invitation of the Center of Excellence in Finance (hereinafter – the CEF) the SAS representatives Victoriia Traitli and Yuliia Zaraiska took part in the seminar "Strengthening the management of internal audit activity to add value", that was held in Luibliana (the Republique of Slovenia).
15 March 2017
The TAIEX Expert Mission continues its work in the SAS
The meeting of the representatives of the State Audit Service of Ukraine (the SAS) with international experts of the Ministry of Finance of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania was held today within the framework of the TAIEX expert mission.
14 March 2017
The expert mission has started at the SAS
The expert mission of TAIEX has started at the State Audit Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – the SAS), which will last from March 14 to 16. This mission takes place in the context of the latest correspondence with a Support Group of Ukraine in the European Commission.
15 May 2014
New directions of public internal financial control development are being studied with in the framework of international cooperation
The working meeting of representatives of the Netherlands Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the SFI of Ukraine was held within the framework of Ukrainian-Dutch cooperation on public internal financial control reforming in the premises of the SFI on May 7th.
14 April 2014
Operational Assessment for the macro-financial assistance to Ukraine
The European Union proposed the macro-financial assistance to address external financial needs of Ukraine. According to the obligations stemming from the Financial Regulation of the EU before approval of the relevant decision the Commission must obtain reasonable assurances about the reliability of the financial and administrative circuits and procedures of Ukraine.
11 July 2013
The State Financial Inspection of Ukraine is supported in its intention to improve the state financial control system
In the framework of the experts’ mission of the European Union concerning support of some state authorities in preparation for the Тwіnning project, the State Financial Inspection was visited by Mr. Ioannis Filopoulos (Greece) and Mr. Michel Paquet (France). The aim of the meetings is an assessment of potential and priority ideas of the project that is directed at realization of provisions of future Ukraine – EU Association Agreement: ensuring of improvement of the state financial internal control system and introduction of the proper mechanisms in the fight against fraud.